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If you are looking for professional web design in Dublin you have come to the right place. Here at Clic Dublin we offer high quality website design and development services to business all over Ireland.

Our team has the skills and expertise to build you almost any website you could possibly need to make money on the internet. Starting from your regular business information or ecommerce site, all the way up to custom functionality complex web applications. We do it all, we do it well and we do it at fair prices.

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Our Internet Business Philosophy


profitable-websiteYou see, we believe that the single most important thing about your website is that it has to be profitable! There are plenty of freelance web designers and creative digital agencies all over Dublin that will not hesitate to quote you insane amounts of money to build a simple business website. The problem is it almost never makes financial sense to do so…

The truth is that most web designers focus on helping you build the absolute best website for your business that money can buy. They see absolutely no problem with charging you upwards of €10,000 for website that only has potential to ever make half that amount back in sales in a year. Which is perfectly ethical because as far as they’re concerned their goal is to deliver the best possible looking and functioning website, not a website that makes money.

This is where we are different, we believe that each project should begin by you familiarising us with your business and us doing the online due diligence for your business niche. Once our market research has been completed we would be able to have at least some idea of what you can expect to earn with your online business. At that point it makes sense to recommend you at least 2 budget options for your project that have legitimate chance to earn good return on investment!


Our Quality Standards

responsive-designOur point of view on quality is simple t your advantage, if you are paying us for a website that has to do something or look a certain way. Then our job is to deliver exactly that and to make sure it works as intended and agreed. If it doesn’t we will fix it free of charge at our utmost priority, and we guarantee this in writing.

All our websites are:


The Web Design Process



web-design-processIf you  have never dealt with a web designer in Dublin before you may be wondering how does the process work? Well, you will be pleased to know it is very simple and fair if you choose to deal with us.

We begin with a FREE short consultation with you about your needs and expectations from the website you are planning to invest in. We will discuss what your website should do and what it may look like.

Then, once we have evaluated your business’ online potential we will offer at least 2 budget options for you to consider. If you choose to go ahead with us a 50% deposit of the full amount will be required.

We will then begin the design mockup for your project, you will get to see what your website will look like and be able to offer input yourself. The design will be adjusted to your needs until you are happy with the outcome.

After the design has been approved by you, we will begin developing your project and help you get it launched on the internet. At this stage you may want to consider speaking to us about your online advertising strategy too!


So How Much Does it Cost?

Like we discussed above, we will need to do due diligence for your niche and your expectations from your project before a figure can be calculated. We tend to offer at least 2 options to our clients to consider for pricing, usually a low budget and a medium – high budget option.

We can generally say that the typical projects go for something in between €500 for a very minimal site and can easily go up to €1,000 – €6,000 to build and design a more intricate site.

Keep in mind though, building a website is the easiest and cheapest part of doing business on the internet. If you are serious about making money you will want to seriously consider having a strong budget in place to advertise / market your site. We will gladly assist you with this too, go ahead and visit our SEO services in Dublin page for more info or simply click the button below to get started!

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