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SEO Services in Dublin

Probably the most common mistake we see with business owners in Dublin who either own a website or are about to get one is that they ignore SEO. This is a crucial mistake, the truth is that without a proper strategy to drive visitors in to your website you might as well don’t even have a website. Your result will be the same, little to no sales at all.

seo-niche-researchIn fact, if it were up to us we would not even invest any time or money for building a website before we did our research to confirm there are people who are looking for your products, services or information. Common sense right?

Too often we see beginner and experienced business owners invest thousands in to their brand new website design, logo or video production and land absolutely no sales at the end of the month. You can avoid making that mistake with us!


The Good News

The good news is that there are plenty of tools and techniques that cost little or no money at all to do research on any business opportunity on the internet. We can actually get accurate numbers on:

Based on above information we can then make educated estimations on how much money can be made from this niche, and how much it would make sense to invest in to our SEO campaign or website design.




What Does SEO Mean?

If your business website or contact information is somewhere out there on the internet then chances are you have been force fed the term “SEO” and “Search Engine Optimisation” for a while now. But have you ever actually wondered what it is?

Simply put, SEO is the technical process of convincing Google to show your business website as high as possible on its search result pages when someone is looking for your products, services or information. That is it.

Now, if you think about it these people visiting your website can be extremely valuable for your business. These are not some random people in Africa clicking on flashing adds of you selling interior design services in Dublin. These are people who live in your target market area, they have actually told Google that they are looking for your product or service and sometimes they even show “buy intent” with their searches. If you are serious about making money online, YOU HAVE TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS!!!

Think about it, if your business is selling tires in Dublin city. Our skill set can get your business website to show up as one of the top search result websites when someone searches for phrases like “buy tires in Dublin”. This is a no brainer money maker, the only question is are there people looking for your products and services and how many of them?

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